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Twin discovery - The Journal That Never Was
by twelveplusone
Twin discovery
Hello to Daniel, aka twelveplusone, who I discovered by mistyping this journal's URL.
He lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, and writes:
yo what my pizzeeps
i'm just chillin' haven't been to sleep in 24 hours and i'm feelin' good
ok recap of the weekend

Sept. 11
I played fourth in the magic tourney (go ahead and laugh I like it)
got a hair cut at cost cutter's next to the krogers on timberlake (my friend Jenn did it)
Then the awesome show at the EFT house it was H-O-T-T HOTT!!! hehehe
bunch of people there too many to fit in the basement.

Sept. 12
played paintball
twas fun and rockin' all at the same time.
me and dave got each other damn good

sept. 13
went to school
had fun (kinda)
came home
called the "Duggler"
and watched "Bubba Ho Tep"
then we hung out and what not.
then I came home

And i have been up since
well i'ma go show or something that takes two hours to do
well peace out

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mcgazz From: mcgazz Date: April 28th, 2008 12:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
OMG he is teh LEGERND!!!111

I am so going to start saying "yo what my pizzeeps". Mind you, I said I was so going to start saying "gesundheit" when people sneezed and I never remember.
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