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The Journal That Never Was
by twelveplusone
Hello to Daniel, aka twelveplusone, who I discovered by mistyping this journal's URL.
He lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, and writes:
yo what my pizzeeps
i'm just chillin' haven't been to sleep in 24 hours and i'm feelin' good
ok recap of the weekend

Sept. 11
I played fourth in the magic tourney (go ahead and laugh I like it)
got a hair cut at cost cutter's next to the krogers on timberlake (my friend Jenn did it)
Then the awesome show at the EFT house it was H-O-T-T HOTT!!! hehehe
bunch of people there too many to fit in the basement.

Sept. 12
played paintball
twas fun and rockin' all at the same time.
me and dave got each other damn good

sept. 13
went to school
had fun (kinda)
came home
called the "Duggler"
and watched "Bubba Ho Tep"
then we hung out and what not.
then I came home

And i have been up since
well i'ma go show or something that takes two hours to do
well peace out

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The world's longest initialism is Нииомтплабопармбетзелбетрабсбомонимонконотдтехстромонт.
It means:
"The laboratory for shuttering, reinforcement, concrete and ferroconcrete operations for composite-monolithic and monolithic constructions of the Department of the Technology of Building-assembly operations of the Scientific Research Institute of the Organization for building mechanization and technical aid of the Academy of Building and Architecture of the USSR."

Source: Wikipedia
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Column of Akule by Wayne Levin.
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A lovely piece of informative design and animation.

(Thanks to Matthew Buchanan.)
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I say no to text, originally uploaded by Tom and Viv.

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Found on ffffound:

From sim sandwich's flickr. It's his grandmother's letter.
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The drama series "Five Days" premieres in NZ on TV3 tomorrow night.

TV3 are explicitly trailing this obviously British drama as an HBO show, not as just a drama obviously set in Britain, or explicitly as a BBC production (which it is, in association with HBO).

TV3's intended audience for this show presumably a) cares who made it and b) rates HBO higher than the BBC. I imagine for reasons such as The Sopranos and The Wire and Flight of the Conchords and Six Feet Under and Big Love and Curb your Enthusiasm as opposed to …

What. What does the Beeb make these days that can turn a dollar (in territories like New Zealand and Australia) on commercial channels aimed at 18-35 audiences instead of the "traditional" - read "boring crime/psychological/costume" - one-off dramas-aimed-at-boring-old-farts-like-me-except-I-like-HBO-now-thanks that TV One shows on a Sunday night and that isn't already HBO'd like Extras and Da Ali G Show?
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I have just seen a startlingly gorgeous piece of moving imagery by Encyclopedia Pictura called Wanderlust. It is a music video for Björk that apparently has taken a year to make. She says:

"You can enjoy Wanderlust even more if you visit http://www.encyclopediapictura.com/ where you can watch a high quality version of it! (2D/HQ Version)

It's simply gorgeous!

Quicktime is required and a broadband connection (or a lot of patience) is recommended."

That hi-res file is 143Mb but is worth every minute of download time.

But wait! There's more! The clip was shot in 3D. Quite how we get to view this I'm not sure, but apparently it will be available later this month.

Click on the photo for more links to lo-res versions, making ofs etc.

UPDATE: Also there's this video, with interviews, from the NYT: http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=cae6cd1d56ad61cd2686baeba62701d9f7a8d2ae
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A late entry in the singles collection.

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10 reasons to watch season 4 of Battlestar Galactica:
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